beth blaszczyk

Free With Devo

To visit me at home is to visit a collection of photographs that have very little to do with each other, and which have left little free space on the walls of my apartment. To know me is to become comfortable with my lens pointed closely at you, often exploring lesser known parts and the dialogues attached to them. For me, to live without imagery-- the producing of it, the viewing of it, the invention of it-- would be to live in a world devoid of imagination. 


My artistic influences have all been controversial; my natural ones, monumental. Together, they inspire a fearlessness within me to move swiftly toward what most others turn away from. The naked human form appears often in my work. For my relationships with my subjects and my body, I am unashamed and unapologetic. But mostly, I am incredibly grateful to be trusted with creating something permanent with the help of those who believe in me.


I've been fortunate to travel the world and to capture its beauty, although you won't see a great deal of those photographs within these albums. My love of art, humanity, and travel has shown me that my personal experiences and growth are to be shared with those I call friends, rather than  to be publicized for strangers.  I share with you what I believe to be beautiful. I welcome commissions and collaborations. I'm available for location shoots and scouting, pet photography, and travel assignments. I appreciate you visiting my galleries!



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